Railay Rock Climbing



Railay Rock Climbing Shop is located in walking street in Railay West Beach.

Below is some handy information on how to get to Railay.

Railay is located approximately 2 hours from Phuket Airport, or about 50 minutes from Krabi Town.

Resorts at Railay organize transfers from both airports, and it is the easiest way (especially in low season) of getting here.

If you come on your own there are three access points on the mainland where you can catch a long-tail boat across to east or west Railay.

Krabi Airport has just been renovated and is becoming a little international hub with flights coming in daily from KL and Singapore.

Several flights daily to and from Bangkok on Thai Smile (Airways) and  Air Asia.

An airport bus leaves after every flight that comes in.

If you tell the operators that you are going to Railay they usually drop you at a point in Ao Nang and organize a long-tail boat for you.

The airport bus usually takes about 45 minutes and the long-tail about 10 minutes.

If you are in Krabi Town, simply head to Chao Fa pier.

They have long-tail boats regularly through high season and not so regularly in low, however if there are 8 people they will take you – or pay the equivalent of 8.

** If you arrive just before or after dark it is still possible to get to Railay.

Some boat drivers will suggest that you can’t get here and then take you to a guest house in town.

If there is definitely no boat from Krabi Town just hop in a taxi or Sawng Tao to AoNa Mao or Ao Nang and then a boat.

Ao Na Mao pier is a pier that is located 10 minutes from Ao Nang and is used a lot in low season as the seas a calmer on this side.

TIP: East Railay is tidal and if you arrive or depart at low tide and didn’t book a transfer through one of the higher end resorts

(which have people movers to take you over the mud flats to the boat and vice versa ) you will be walking unassisted through the water and over muddy flats.

If you have heavy luggage this will be a mission!

But all part of the Railay experience….

Ao Nang has several launch points to Railay however the main one is opposite Haagen Daaz on Ao Nang’s main beach.

Service is constant through high season. In low season you may wait a while and depending on the seas – you may need to head to another pier near Noppatara Beach.


Ferries from/to Phuket via Railay and Ao Nang are twice daily through high season and 3 times a week in low. (2 hours).
There is a daily ferry to and from Koh Phi Phi year round.(90 mins).

Ferries from/to Koh Lanta via Railay and Ao Nang are twice daily through high season and no service for most of low season.(2 hours)


Green Planet tour company run a speedboat service that runs between Phuket and Railay. (1 hour)